Unique Violet Flower Golf Bag Pens Holder


This Mini Golf Bag Pen Holder is made of zinc alloy and high quality PU leather with the artificial fine stitching. The overall look is more three-dimensional. Comparable to real golf bags.

This product uses 0.3 pressure refill, writing is more smooth than the general refill, truly never spills ink, never fades. More suitable for writing documents and contracts.

This Mini Golf Bag Pen Holder with cart is made by shrinking the golf bag with a certain proportion. This cart can also push forward and backward. If you or the owner of the gift is a golf hobby, this product will be your first choice.

More specifications:

Color:                                   Flower with White

Golf Bag Size:                     13.0 x 8.0 x 5.0cm

Pen Material:                       Metal (Aluminum Alloy)

Pen Ink Color:                      Flower Style

Ink Type:                              Gel Ink

Holder Material:                 PU (1.2)