PU Leather Golf Clubs Slim 2.0


       The slim grip is made of two parts, and the inner tube is made of rubber or ultra-light foaming material, and the design of the inner bottom pipe determines the overall shape of the grip.

       Lightweight EVA foams allows for a lighter weight grip in a larger footprint to maximize feel.

      Classic pistol shape with modern No Taper Design creates the ultimate in feel and performance and grip pressure for a more consistent stroke.

      All-weather to provide excellent astringent and slip effect Provide comfortable feel and super shock absorption!Through the lighter grip pressure, to obtain a more natural consistent and stable swing Comfortable, painless fast swing!

      In line with the design of scientific engineering design, in the main hand contact points to provide a variety of leather with, super anti-slip effect, stylish and colorful visual design.

More specifications:

Material:                                   Carbon Yarn
Color:                                        5 Colors
Material:                                   PU Leather
Size:                                          Slim 2.0
Shaft putt diameter:               0.58'
Weight:                                    60g+-2g