Non-slip standard golf grips


Natural rubber Full cotton thread. The rubber is soft, comfortable and does not distort. The cotton thread absorbs sweat and prevents slipping. This healthy and environmentally friendly grip will make you enjoy golf.

The main body of the golf grip is designed with a unique brand design, which is not only beautiful but also non-slip. It's like a suction cup, so the hand can hold the club more tightly and comfortably. The anti-slip strength of the handle is greatly improved, which will enhance the swing effect.

The golf grip has an inner diameter of 0.6 inches, a tail diameter of 1.1 inch, and a length of 10.35 inches. Specially reduce the pressure on the hands and body. Suitable for most standard size golf clubs.

Beautiful and simple , this professional color matching is very suitable for golf style. Therefore, the golf club grip is more attractive to people, and the golf club holder's mood will be better.