MCS LITE golf grips


     MCS is our newest golf grip, with a different concept, its appearance is more eye-catching, The upper half part uses the most popular cotton yarn technology combined with the latest pattern design. It makes the overall line is more obvious, beautiful, and enhanced Its grip, bringing you a new experience.

     Multi-Texture grips, 0.600" Round, 53 gm, Men's Standard Size. 66gm, Men's Midsize

     This composite material grip, with a thicker second half with a softer new rubber material, can have a lighter grip pressure, make the hand more relaxed and increase the swing force.

     Grip the lower part of the soft material, high-feedback rubber material, you can feel better. The upper half is made of soft material plus Brushed Cotton thread technology, and with fine lines to increase the stability of the next rod. Increased grip of the lower section, the new soft material and all-weather control for everyone to provide new options

More specification:

Core Size:                        60 Round
Standard Weight:           53g 
Midsize Weight:             66g
Grip Size:                        Standard / Midsize