hand made pu leather


The Genuine Leather Grip is designed for the serious golfer looking to improve every aspect of their game. Play leather and get a grip on your game.

 For serious golfers who play rain hail or shine there's nothing worse than a grip that slips right in the middle of the downswing.Champkey using the finest quality hand-stitched sheepskin leather, We combines the inner soft material with the outer sheepskin and drills holes in the leather to give golfers a better grip on their clubs when swinging.

  Soft Material enhances the grip. Moisture, either in the air or from the skin, is absorbed then reacts with the Soft Material to create a soft but tacky grip. The natural breathing action of leather helps  preserves the gripping properties for long time.

  In the age of the mass produced, moulded rubber grips, it's nice to know our leather grips are hand wrapped or hand sewn then fitted just like any other standard grip ... by hand.

  If you're looking for a grip that will wear in and not wear out. A grip that will grip in all weather conditions, rain hail and shine. And of course a grip that performs in the heat of competition, particularly the heat of tropical and sub tropical competition. Then you should get serious and play the handcrafted leather grips. 


  Our Sheep leather. This ultra lightweight and very strong leather, has been a hit on tour since we introduced it. It is the toughest and most durable of skins, with a very consistent grip retention. This grip will feel the same for a very long time.

More specifications:

Material :                     Sheepskin

Core Size:.                    580R Core " 

Weight    :                     85g

Length    :                      10.50 " 

Grip Size:                     Midsize