Golf LED Luminous Ball


Pro Golfers is proud to provide some of the most inventive and user friendly LED Sports Products on the market. Our LED Light Up Golf Ball is a magic example of exactly that. We stand by all of our products and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

The lights turn on when struck or bounced.

The lights will remain on for about 8 minutes and will then automatically shut off if they don't receive another impact. If you hit the ball again before the 8 minutes is up - the timer will automatically reset and give you a fresh 8 minutes of light.

It can be constantly lit up for 8 minutes after impact each time. The battery inside will last 40 hours, which means that you can strike the ball over 800 times.

The glow balls are super bright in the dark , including blue, orange, red, white, green and pink colors. It is very beautiful when playing in the dark.

This glow golf balls are only 45g and can be carried around, and can be carried in your pocket to any golf course or place you want to train. No battery needed, no charger needed. You just need to hit it and it lights up automatically and leave you a nice colorful shot in the sky.

More specifications:

Hardness:                                                              70
Conformation:                                                     One Piece Ball
Color:blue,                                                          orange, red, white, green and pink 
Weight::                                                               46g
Inner layer material::                                          Synthetic rubber
Diameter: About 42.6 (mm) / 1.68in:               approx. 42.6mm / 1.68inch