GOLF Laser Rangefinder

Measurement Range

Golf Rangefinder is a professional product designed specifically for golf enthusiasts and golfers. It sets up 4 modes and various measurement functions based on people's behavior in the course, such as distance measurement, flag locking, slope distance compensation and so on. High Performance Chips and Powerful Algorithms make the measurement accuracy of this laser range finder more accurate,and promote your excellent performance on the golf course.


Switch Power Button

Short press power button to turn on the product

Mode Button

Short press the MODE button to switch mode. Long press the MODE button to switch unit.

4 Mode Selections

A Fog Mode

B Speed Mode

C Distance Mode

D Pinseeker Mode

A Fog Mode:

Aim at target object and short press power button. Then, the distance value will be displayed on lens.

B Speed Mode

Aim at the object and short press the power button. Keep aiming as the object moves until the speed value displays on the screen.

C Distance Mode

Single distance measuring: Aim at target object and short press power button to start measuring. The measuring result would be displayed on the lens.

Continuous distance measuring: Long press the power button. The distance value would be displayed in real-time according to where you are pointing at.

D Pinseeker Mode

Pinseeker mode is designed for measuring the distance to a flagpole. Under this mode, the product is able to separate the flagpole (point D) from the clutter (such as trees and bushes) in the background. Only the distance to point D would be displayed.

LCD  Display

1. “Scan”               Continuous measuring mode
2. “Fog”                 Fog mode
3. “speed”              Speed finder mode
4. “ Flag + Scan”       Pinseeker mode(Golf)
5. “Battery”               Low battery icon
6. “Rectangular”             Target centre
7. “1888.8”        Display numerical value. When there is no such numerical value, four dashes “----” would be displayed.

8. “Y KM/HS”     Display measuring unit. In distance measuring mode, “M” or “Y” will be displayed. In speed finder mode, “KM/h” or “M/S” will be displayed.