golf club Bag Holder

The lightweight mini golf bag is a beautifull bag , easy to handle and  can fist 3-5 clubs , Easily can be stored in any golf bag pocket.

Made from durable Leather trim with canvas body , top grade hook-and-loop binding , this bag is Perfect for a quick trip to the driving range.

  Vintage design with traditional features,with a handle for easy carrying

 Carries a partial set of hickory or modern golf clubs(Max 5 clubs)

 Padded for protect golf clubs well

​ Velcro for easy closure

 Canvas & Leather adjustable sling

More specifications:

Weight:                                           0.34kg

Size:                                                 35*22.5cm

Style:                                                Pencil Style

Material:                                          Canvas & Leather

Color:                                              Kaki